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    Question or "Issue" with two answers, like yes/no or true/false.

    No open ended questions like "Who am I?"

    Should be neutral, not leading one way or the other.

  2. 2 of 7

    Optional description or background info.

    Unbiased - not leading one way or the other.

    Can include images and YouTube videos.

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    Each of the two answers to the question or "Issue" above is a voting button.

    Users click one of the two blue buttons to vote for the answer they agree with.

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    Comments are short: 200 characters (plus image / video)

    Comments in the left column support the voting button answer on the left.

    Comments in the right column support the voting button answer on the right.

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    Add comments to support either side.

    One thought per comment.

    Have four thoughts? Great! Add four seperate comments.

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    Don't repeat!

    You can "like" any comment you agree with.

    The most "liked" comments rise to the top where they are most visible.

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    Click to Share

    Also, click to follow this issue and see updates in your newsfeed.

    TWO kinds of following

    Just click the button again to change following/privacy.